Wedding Ceremony
The arrangement starts days before the wedding ceremony. It's a moment of a lifetime and who doesn't want a grand celebration? With all enthusiasm you set to plan the occasion in the most splendid way. Everything has to be perfectly organized, right from flowers to dining. In one sentence, your wedding should be a spectacular one.
    Band Services
We specialize in live music of sounds from the subcontinent of India and are home to the first Indian brass band in North India. Presenting traditional music with a modern touch. Please browse around, lend your ears to the sound clips, view the videos and enjoy the free downloads. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may have.
    Party Management
Some moments in our lives are times of celebration, moments of such extreme ecstasy, memories we would like to lock in our hearts and souls forever. Occassions like weddings, exhibitions and events are also embodiment of our feelings, attitude, pride and status. Moreover they are also means to establish and strengthen business ties.
Catering services of Habeeb Tent House has been satisfying it's customers for the past many years. We will create a special day for any given occasion in any given circumstance. We commit ourselves to growing in the Indian Catering Industry with regards to quality and service which we are committed to deliver.
    Flower Decorations
Habeeb Tent House also offers best flower decoration for birthday party, wedding, get together, special events and on special occasion.
Habeeb Tent House also provides affordable, professional lighting for small to medium size events. We have a large inventory of fixtures and controllers and are fully insured.
    DJ And Sound System Services
We offer to emcee (MC) and make all necessary announcements. Whatever you are looking for regarding music, audio, video or lighting for your event, we're ready to help make your dream a reality! And we can even provide you with photobooth services and dance floor rentals!